The Best Nursing Shoes For Wide Feet Reviews: Buying Guides & Top Choices [Updated 2021]


Nursing shoes are indispensable for anyone in the medical industry. Not only do they protect the feet, but these shoes are also designed to provide support specifically for them.

However, there are cases where large feet make buyers quite confused when choosing shoes. To solve this concern, these nursing shoes for large feet are produced in the market. Therefore, this product is more and more popular and is the choice of many customers.

To help you to buy high-quality shoes for wide feet, the following article will introduce the top 7 best nursing shoes for wide feet through the next article.

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Buying Guide 

Instead of choosing normal shoes, you should choose nursing shoes for wide feet with tots quality. Products will help you work most effectively.

To do this, you must turn the buying guide for nurses with wide feet. Check out some of the points below.

Good material – Perfect choice for feet

First, you need to pay attention to the material that the shoe is made of. This factor is quite important because it determines the quality of the shoes you choose.

Usually, the production unit uses knitted fabric as the upper part of the shoe. Because this fabric is soft, durable, and easy to shape, it should be chosen widely. In addition, the shoe also incorporates other hard materials to suit people with large feet.

Although Textile Upper is more difficult to clean than other common materials, you can use water and soap to clean it faster.

Breathable feature

When you wear nursing shoes, you will move a lot for a long time, so it is very necessary for the breathable feature of the shoes. Thanks to this feature, foot sweat absorbs quickly. Especially on hot days, moisture will penetrate and escape.

For those reasons, you should choose shoes with this feature to suit the nature of your work. Shoes also bring comfort, smooth feet when worn.

Safe for feet

A good pair of shoes is a quality shoe but still must ensure safety. This feature is anti-slip and anti-slip.

Most of the structure of the shoe sole will support adhesion to help keep the user safe. The most popular material for shoe soles is rubber. The adhesion of rubber is very good, so it is not slippery even if you move in an environment with water.

The best way is to pay attention and choose shoes with high slip resistance.

Shoe Opening

One more point to pay attention to is to choose Shoe Opening. You should not wear shoes that are too tight or too wide, but you should find products that are the right size for your foot size.

Shoe Opening will assist you in putting on and take off your shoes quickly. In particular, the product does not cause tightness in the top of the foot but also protects the toes.

Running Shoe Vs Cross Trainer

Instead of just choosing shoes with few features, people choose flexible nursing shoes that can be used for many different purposes.

Running shoes have a variety as well as creates a light and smooth feeling for wide feet. So customers tend to choose this product.

Besides, there is also a Cross Trainer to support you to move for many hours continuously. This advantage allows you to be under intense work.

In short, you should consider choosing these styles of shoes. All are nursing shoes but designed in different types only.

Wide Toe Box

In fact, people with wide feet have a hard time choosing shoes. However, today’s nursing shoes can help you solve this worry.

The Wide Toe Box will make the front part more spacious. When you put on shoes, the toes will be compact and can be moved easily.

Detailed Reviews Of The Best Nursing Shoes For Wide Feet

Grasping the tastes of customers, many brands of nursing shoes appeared. Therefore, customers do not know which brand is genuine. Thus, the following top 7 Best nursing Shoes for Nurses with Wide Feet is the best choice for you.

#1. Dansko Women’s Professional Clog – Best for effective shock resistance

The Dansko Women’s Professional Clog impresses buyers with its design. Overall, the entire shoe is made of high-quality black leather.

The polyurethane base is quite sturdy so that you can move in any terrain. In addition, the PU outsole structure combined with the rocker bottom will make your steps lighter. Thanks to this design, the shoe creates the force to push the foot forward and excellent shock resistance.

At the same time, you can move all day freely without fear of foot odor or dampness. Breathable footbeds balance moisture and provide a stable temperature inside the shoe.

Especially the roomy reinforced toe box allows you to operate the toes easily. The collar is also padded for maximum comfort.

In addition to being used for nurses, the product can be used for outdoor activities such as walking or exercising.

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  • Made of leather.
  • Durable PU outsole.
  • Good shock resistance.
  • Effective waterproofing.
  • Equipped with a roomy reinforced toe box.


  • There is no choice of color.
  • Expensive.

Bottom lines

Because it is a nursing shoe, the product has the most suitable features and advantages for nurses. However, doctors or security guards in hospitals can also use this shoe.

With such outstanding advantages, the product does not specify the object of use. Therefore, people who have to stand and move a lot, such as chefs, workers, etc… can also use this version.

Similar product: Dansko Professional

#2. Crocs Women’s Neria Pro II Embellished Clog – nurse shoe for Durability

When you see this version, you will surely be surprised. Not only is it a modern design, beautiful color, but also a shoe with good toughness.

Thanks to the elastic sole made of synthetic material, it has high durability. The standard 1.2-inch heel size is not too high.

This crocs shoe has many different sizes for you to choose from. The product is also anti-slip to help customers feel secure in every step.

On the other hand, the texture of the shoe has ample space for the toes. To protect the toe from impact or impact with the environment, the toe is curved and firm.

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  • Long lifespan.
  • Easy to use.
  • Beautiful design.
  • Ample toe space.
  • Suitable for people with wide feet.


  • Not absorbent.
  • Skin peels easily.

Bottom lines

If you struggle with shoes with a wide toe box and beautiful design, then Slip Resistant Work Shoes are the ideal choice.

This version is really suitable for any profession. Especially in a working environment related to medicine will be very convenient. The product will make nurses feel comfortable to wear.

Similar product: Slip Resistant Work Shoes

#3. Hawkwell Women’s Comfort Slip – Good for lightweight EVA soles

The Hawkwell Nursing Shoes are nursing shoes for wide feet that you should buy. The product has a fairly light EVA sole to provide quick feet when working.

The product is very suitable for women’s feet because of its moderate size. With a heel height of 1.5mm, you won’t have to worry about measurements hindering movement.

The upper is made of super-soft synthetic leather and is easy to clean. You only need to use soap and water to clean your shoes.

Similar to other shoes, this version also has a quick-absorbing soft-moth midsole design. Even if you often sweat your feet, the cushion will absorb it so you can walk confidently.

When using shoes, you will be completely assured because of the good anti-slip feature. In addition, this shoe also has a modern style, easy to wear, and is very suitable for nursing outfits.

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  • The EVA midsole is quite light.
  • Appropriate size.
  • Good absorbent lining.
  • Style, class.
  • Good anti-slip.


  • Expensive.
  • Not heat resistant.

Bottom lines

Nurses and nurses will love this version. Not only is it lightweight, but it’s also easy to clean.

Besides, the manufacturer always improves the shoe to become a version for everyone. Thanks to that, now some chefs or workers choose this shoe.

Similar product: Hawkwell Women’s Nursing Shoes

#4. Work Shoes for Women Waterproof – Best nurse shoe for ease of cleaning

If you are looking for sturdy and cheap rubber sole Nursing Shoes, this version cannot be ignored. Since its appearance, this shoe has received positive feedback from customers.

By using 100% synthetic materials to make shoes, the product is safe for the environment and protects the user’s feet. Standard size 8.66 x 7.09 x 3.54 inches suitable for female feet.

The outsole of the shoe is more waterproof and anti-slip than other shoes. You will not worry because your feet are always wet. After all, there is a foot pad inside the shoe. This insole will wick away your feet and keep them dry all day.

An advantage that many people love about this product is that the product is equipped with a very good anti-twisting and shock-absorbing system.

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  • Easy to clean.
  • Anti-slip, anti-oil.
  • Fast absorbent pad.
  • Cheap.
  • Materials that are safe for the environment and users.


  • Only suitable for women.
  • Not a lot of color options.

Bottom lines

Although there are many nursing brands born, it cannot take the place of this version. These designer women’s shoes are becoming an increasingly popular choice.

In short, the most suitable audience to use these nursing shoes are those who work as nursing or chief.

Similar product: Hawkwell Women’s Lightweight Shoes

#5. Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 Clogs – Best for Absorbency

Tring top best nursing shoes for wide feet not to be missed Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 Clogs. The novelty in the design has made the product stand out.

This version also uses rubber as the outsole to increase effective anti-slip. In addition, the padded collar for the instep will help you to move more comfortably.

On hot summer days, the shoes will absorb so that the inner surface of the shoes is always dry. Thanks to that, it does not cause odors or discomfort when worn.

In particular, the EVA midsole is designed to reduce foot fatigue and shock. This type of sole is thin and light, so it always provides stability.

Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 Clogs utilizes current Dansko Natural Arch technology. That’s why technology allows you to disassemble the PU stand whenever you want.

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  • Super durable outer shell.
  • Strong absorbent.
  • Shockproof.
  • Effectively reduce foot fatigue.
  • The base is removable.


  • Big size.
  • Not breathable.

Bottom lines

The novelty of Dansko Women’s XP 2.0 Clogs has attracted the attention of nurses. All the features and construction of the product best support the working environment in the hospital.

Similar product: Dansko Women’s Professional Black Tooled Clog

#6. Skechers Work Sure Track – Best for breathability

The Skechers Work Sure Track – Trickel is constructed from the highest quality leather available today. Because it is an imported product, it has many features and advantages.

Although the product is a traditional lace closure, it has a low-cut design with SKECHERS Relaxed Fit to fit each person’s feet.

The anti-slip, oil-resistant rubber sole meets the standards of ASTM F1677-2005 Mark II. It is for this reason that no matter the environmental conditions, your feet are always the safest.

Besides, the toe of the shoe is made of soft fabric combined with the tongue cushion to reduce impact. When you feel uncomfortable, you can remove this mattress.

This version also features a breathable lining for maximum comfort. Currently, Skechers Work Sure Track – Trickel is among the top-selling shoes on the market.

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  • Use good skin.
  • Solid rubber sole.
  • Anti-slip, anti-oil.
  • Make sure your feet are safe.
  • Breathable lining.


  • Fits snugly on top of the foot.
  • Easy to get dirty.

Bottom lines

The certainty of the rubber sole has created absolute safety for the wearer. In addition, the breathable layer always keeps feet dry and clean. Only thanks to these two advantages, shoes become the ideal choice for nursing.

Similar product: Skechers Women’s Squad Shoe

#7. Easy Spirit Women’s TRAVELTIME295 Mule – Best for LightWeight

The outstanding advantages of Easy Spirit Women’s TRAVELTIME295 Mule receive the attention of customers. This type of shoe has a smart design, made from suede and mainly Mesh.

The product is one of the most distinctive mesh shoes. Thanks to such a mesh design, it is quite airy and lighter in weight than other shoes.

The outsole is also made of rubber, so it is less abrasive. If there is a collision during use, it is still very durable and used for a long time.

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  • Modern design.
  • Made from high quality suede.
  • Fresh air
  • Lightweight.
  • Less abrasion.


  • Wet.
  • Not heat resistant.

Bottom lines

The advantage of lightweight has helped this version became the top selling nursing shoe today.

You’ll have surer and faster moves that get the job done with ease. Therefore, anyone should consider buying this product.

Similar product: FANTURE Women Slip-on Walking Shoes

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do nursing shoes for wide feet need to be waterproof?

Because of the nature of the nurse’s job, she often moves and works for many hours. Therefore, nursing shoes for wide feet need to be waterproof.

In addition, the water absorption feature also helps to eliminate foot odor and allows the front part to be spacious and comfortable.

2. Are Crocs good for nurses?

Nurses or hospital staff have to work under time pressure and a high workload. They even have to work non-stop. Therefore, nursing shoes must support the work.

Crocs nursing shoes are quite popular nowadays. The product can be put on and taken off quickly. Therefore, you should choose crocs of this type.

3. Why do nurses like nursing shoes for wide feet?

Because of the advantages of nursing shoes, there are many nurses who like nursing shoes for wide feet. Some of the reasons most people respond to are:

  • Lightweight.
  • Spacious foot box.
  • Good price.
  • Has flexibility.
  • Shockproof effectively reduces foot fatigue.
  • Versatile and classy.


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