Best Shoes For Broken Toes 2021: Reviews, Buying Guide & Top Picks


A broken toe is an unexpected injury. You need more home care than taking pain relievers to heal on your own without leaving any sequelae.

The most concerning problem is that your feet will swell and you can’t fit in your usual shoes. At this point, you need the help of shoes for broken toes.


Shoes for broken toes not only help you move more easily but also help stabilize your foot, speeding up your recovery process.

If you still have doubts about the effectiveness of specialized shoes, check out the list of best shoes for broken toes below!


How To Choose The Best Shoes For Broken Toes


The material of the shoe affects both durability and safety. Therefore, make sure that the shoes you choose are of good quality.

Don’t be afraid to take the time to learn about shoe materials. You don’t want to see your shoes break before your feet heal.

Forefoot closure

Forefoot closure is the most suitable design if your toe is injured and can not take any more external impact. Because the Forefoot closure will make it easier to put on or take off the shoes without putting pressure on the wound.


In addition, the Forefoot closure design will also help the doctor easily observe the condition of your toe. Therefore, it is not difficult to understand that most of the best shoes for broken toes have a Forefoot closure design.


A well-fitting shoe for broken toes is not only really about your foot size but also comfortable enough even when your foot is bandaged. To meet both of these requirements, you should give preference to products with custom-sized straps.


Rocker soles are the first choice for injured feet. In addition, the rubber sole material will effectively prevent slipping. It will be more optimal if the shoes you choose have a spiked sole to help your foot be more stable.


Durability is an aspect that cannot be ignored when choosing the most suitable shoes. You should consider the strength of the internal structure and the rigidity of the outer part. The most durable shoes are sturdy shoes, do not lose shape and can fix the foot.

Detailed Reviews On 8 Best Shoes For Broken Toes 2021

#1. BraceAbility Medical Shoe – Best for Post Surgery Patients

There are many reasons why the BraceAbility Closed Toe Medical Walking Shoe is the number one shoe for patients who have just undergone orthopedic surgery.

Firstly, the BraceAbility Closed Toe is a medical shoe. The design of the shoe is specifically for the foot recovering from this type of injury. The BraceAbility Medical Walking Shoe not only protects the foot from harm but also helps keep the dressing clean with its closed-toe design.

Second, the shoe has a closed square toe box. The square toe box brings comfortable space. Put your foot in a bandage with a dozen cotton swabs, and you can still fit the BraceAbility Closed Toe.

In addition, the shoe also has a Rocker Bottom Sole design. Pressure on your injured feet is reduced by up to 25% with this special bottom style. As a result, your legs can heal faster. At the same time, the Rocker Bottom Sole part combined with Traction Tread to make your move not too difficult.

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  • Comfortable to use.
  • There are non-slip grooves for safety.
  • The belt can be flexibly adjusted.
  • A closed square toe box prevents dirt and prevents feet from infection.
  • The sole helps reduce pressure on the foot.


  • Not suitable for patients with heel problems.

Bottom Lines

The BraceAbility Closed Toe has a spacious square toe that is suitable for use in bandaged patients. In addition, if your leg is immobilized after injury and orthopedics, BraceAbility will help shorten the treatment time by reducing pressure on the portion.

Similar product: Darco APB All-Purpose Boot

#2. Vive Post Op Shoe Medical Walking Boot – Best for pain relief

It’s not very pleasant when your post-injury legs are always sore, even if you only take a few small steps. Vive Post Op Shoe was born with a series of efforts to reduce pain for the foot every time you move.

The sole with the main material is Rocker to increase stability for each step. Besides, the sole is also stiff enough for effective arch support. It is this stiffness that makes the toe more comfortable to move, thereby minimizing pain.

Besides, the custom straps and the large enough toe section of the shoe are perfect for swollen feet. You can put on and take off your shoes easily without pain.

Another advantage of the Vive Post Op Shoe is the basic design, which is quite similar to a normal shoe. With the Vive Post Op Shoe, you can use the Medical Walking Boot as a casual shoe that attracts attention.

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  • Solid base.
  • There is additional arch support.
  • Large forefoot for comfort.
  • Lightweight.
  • Simple design, easy to use.


  • The belt is quite long. You can adjust. However, some people choose to trim it.

Bottom Lines

The Vive Post Op Shoe has a lightweight, simple design like a normal shoe. If you are looking for a shoe for broken toes that minimizes pain when moving and can be used in daily activities, Vive Post Op Shoe is not a bad choice.

Similar product: Vive Post Op Shoe – Lightweight Medical Walking Boot.

#3. BraceAbility Post-op Shoe – Best for Comfort

Under the same BraceAbility brand, the BraceAbility Post-op Shoe has a quite different design style than the BraceAbility Closed Toe Medical Walking Shoe. With the BraceAbility Post-op Shoe, you’ll have a comfortable experience like never before.

The first special feature in the design is the semi-open nose. This distinctive design allows airflow to enter, keeping your feet breathable and comfortable all day.

In addition, the shoe also adds a shock-absorbing foam pad. As a result, walking with injured feet will not cause you pain. On the contrary, you can recover your legs faster without necessarily being immobilized in place.

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  • Can be used while driving.
  • Most comfortable.
  • The rubber sole helps stabilize your foot, allowing you to walk more naturally.
  • The sole is shock-absorbing.
  • The three straps can be easily customized.


  • Not Unisex shoes.

Bottom Lines

The BraceAbility Post-op Shoe is both breathable and comfortable to protect your feet from injury. If you’re looking for a comfortable shoe to use during an ankle splint, the BraceAbility Post-op Shoe will be an option worth considering.

Similar product: Mars Wellness Premium Toe Walking Shoe

#4. Premium Post Op Broken Toe Fracture – Best for daily activities

Premium Post Op Broken Toe is one of the best for broken toes shoes available today.

Mars Wellness is a brand known for its products that pass lab tests. Mars Wellness Premium Post Op Broken Toe is no exception.

The shoe is perfect for protecting the foot in bandages. Because the product acts as a shield to protect the foot from impact and keeps the foot clean and ventilated.

You will be very impressed with the footbed of the shoe. You can feel directly that the shoe is helping to support your foot significantly, but it does not make it any less comfortable. Therefore, you can wear the shoes for a long time.

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  • Fits both sides of the foot.
  • Wide toe section.
  • Designed to reduce pressure on the foot and heel.


  • The sticker may come off.

Bottom Lines

You can take every step confidently and naturally with Premium Post Op Broken Toe. You can also count on your feet to be incredibly solid with the Rocker Sole With Non-skid Tread.

Therefore, shoes will be the best choice if you have minor injuries but still want to participate in daily activities.

Similar product: Mars Wellness Premium Post Op Broken Toe.

#5. Post Op Recovery Medical Shoe – Best for premium padding

The first highlight of the Post Op Recovery Shoe is that it has three adjustable straps. This flexible design makes it easy to adjust the shoe to fit your foot best, whether it is swollen, swollen, or even bandaged.

In addition, the special feature of Post Op Recovery Shoe compared to some popular shoes for broken toes today is the high-quality EVA midsole. The foam sole ensures three nos: no clogging, no shock, and no skin irritation. You can rest assured that your toes will not suffer any further damage.

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  • Non-slip sole.
  • Breathable EVA insole.
  • Three flexible adjustable belts.
  • The square toe helps protect the toes.
  • Solid outsole.


  • The adjustment belt is not too tight.

Bottom Lines

Post Op Recovery Shoe gives your foot better stability. Moreover, you can wear the shoes all day without any discomfort. Therefore, you can use the product when the foot or toe is injured, even broken.

Similar product: MABIS DMI Healthcare Shoe

#6. BraceAbility for Broken Foot or Toe – Best for Kids

The BraceAbility Post-op Shoe is a Unisex shoe in four sizes, suitable for both adults and some children with large feet. If you choose the right size for your shoe, the shoe will provide the best fit even if your feet are in terrible condition.

In addition, you will be quite satisfied with the belt part of the shoe. The wires will intertwine instead of over-connecting the adhesive pads. Therefore, you can rest assured that the seat belts will come off during travel.

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  • Square toe design supports toe protection.
  • The sole with spikes helps prevent slipping.
  • The pad is shock-absorbing.
  • Lightweight.
  • Firmly fixed belt.


  • Some users rated the sole as not too flexible.

Bottom Lines

The BraceAbility Post-op Shoe is a scandal with a hard sole and a brace that effectively stabilizes the foot. Therefore, if you have problems with your toes, such as a broken toe, looking at the BraceAbility Post-op Shoe is the right choice.

Similar product: ProCare Squared Toe Post-Op Shoe.

#7. BraceAbility Short Broken Toe Boot – Best for damaged ankles

BraceAbility Short Broken Toe Boot measures 11 x 10.8 x 5.1 inches. Therefore, the product can protect the ankle bone. And in fact, the product has been clinically tested, is a shoe model that should be used in cases of ankle fractures and sprains.

In addition to the high-neck design, the BraceAbility Short Broken Toe Boot also impresses with an igid, Polymer Plastic shell. This reinforced shell will be effective in protecting the toe as well as the ankle.

Maybe the rough design of the BraceAbility Short Broken Toe Boot makes you think the product is uncomfortable.

However, the truth is that the toe section of the boots is wide enough for your feet, even in a bandaged state. In addition, the lining of the shoes will also make you satisfied in terms of comfort.

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  • Clinically tested for its ability to protect and aid in the treatment of foot injuries.
  • Can protect the ankle bone.
  • The straps are customizable.
  • Rigid shell, Polymer Plastic for good ankle protection.
  • Durable rocker sole.


  • The design of the boots is not suitable for casual use.

Bottom Lines

The BraceAbility Short Broken Toe is a pair of boots with just enough height to protect the ankle. If you have problems such as broken ankles, sprains, BraceAbility Short Broken Toe will be an effective solution to immobilize your foot, helping you recover quickly.

Similar product: United Ortho Short Cam Walker Fracture Boot.

#8. FitPro Adjustable Post-Op Open Square – Best for sustainable sole

FitPro Adjustable Post-Op’s semi-rigid sole will amaze you the first time you use it. The sole is stiff enough for stability in every step and soft enough to keep you comfortable at all times.

In addition, the FitPro Amazon Exclusive Brand comes with Velcro straps. You can easily adjust your shoes, put them on, and take them off without causing additional pain.

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  • Generous size for swollen feet.
  • Fits both sides of the foot.
  • The padding can reduce foot movement.
  • Parts come hard.
  • Able to keep feet clean and dry.


  • The sole of the shoe lacks soft curves.

Bottom Lines

The FitPro Adjustable is an open-toe shoe with basic style and functionality for broken toes protection. You will not find too many outstanding features in the product. However, you will not be disappointed in the shoe’s ability to protect your feet from injury.

Don’t forget, simple always works. So, if your foot is sprained or broken, why not try the FitPro Adjustable Post-Op Open Square Toe Shoe?

Similar product: Premium Post Op Fracture Square Toe Walking Shoe

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Take Time Off Work for Broken Toe?

According to research, the pain and swelling of a broken toe will last for a few days to a week. If the pain is really bothering you during this time, you should find a way to deal with it instead of going to the company.

It may take 4-6 weeks for your toe to heal fully. During this time, you should use shoes for broken toes to minimize pain when working.

Is it possible to drive with a broken foot shoe?

Broken foot shoes will help to stabilize the toe, reducing the external impact to the foot. That means you can drive. However, if the wound is new, you should still avoid vigorous exercise because it will easily slow down your healing rate.

Can I wear a regular shoe with a broken toe?

If the wound is not too severe, you can use normal shoes. However, a regular pair of shoes is not suitable for use if your toe is seriously injured. Because ordinary shoes cannot fix the foot and reduce the impact on the wound like specialized shoes.

Will walking with a broken toe make it worse?

This depends on the condition of the wound. At the same time, you should also consult with your doctor to consider whether your feet are suitable for movement.

If you find your feet are constantly swollen and painful, this is not a good time to move, even with the support of specialized shoes.

Conversely, if the wound is better, you can move to relax. Moving in this case will help your toe heal faster.

How is forefoot closure helpful?

Forefoot shoes will keep your feet clean and resistant to infection. In addition, shoes also help to breathe more effectively than other types of shoes. Therefore, forefoot shoes are the first choice for feet that have been bandaged or have just undergone surgery.


A broken toe is a common injury, but it’s not too serious. However, if not handled properly, you can face permanent deformities.

And one of the best ways to deal with a broken toe is to replace ordinary shoes with specialized shoes.

Certainly, the Best shoes for broken toes on the list will not only protect your toes more comprehensively but also help your wounds heal faster than ever.

Thank you for reading!