How can I make my dance shoes more comfortable?


For dancers, dance shoes have a great influence on the flexibility of their moves. So, wearing comfortable shoes is very important. What is the method to make your dance shoes more comfortable?

When you buy brand new shoes, they may be a bit too tight at first. If you are in situation, you can make your dance shoes more comfortable by using alcohol. 

Spray a little alcohol on the tight places of your dance shoes. Then wear the shoes and walk around for a while. Your dance shoes will stretch. Therefore, you feel more comfortable

However, there are other problems with dance shoes that make you uncomfortable. Today, let’s find out the solutions for these problems.

Are the dance shoes comfortable?

Dance shoes are different from regular shoes in their specialized design for dancing. Manufacturers create dance shoes to protect your feet when dancing, not to hurt them. So, the design of dance shoes will bring the most comfort to users.

All dancing shoes have the function of balancing your weight when doing turns or spins on your feet. So, you should dance in dance shoes instead of regular shoes to prevent slips or injuries.

The designs of dance shoes aim to make users most comfortable. But the choice of users also affects the comfort of dance shoes.

Choosing the right shoes is the first thing you should do to feel comfortable when wearing them.

Wearing comfortable shoes is very important for dancing

How fit should your dance shoes be?

When dancing, you have to do many different moves. Therefore, your dance shoes should be snug fit.

Normally, you can choose a bit tight size when buying new dance shoes. The tip here is to choose shoes with 0.5 or full size down to your normal size.

The materials used to make dance shoes are flexible, so they can stretch over time. So, don’t choose loose shoes at first. After wearing for a while they will stretch, and it is not comfortable to wear loose shoes. They can also make you slip and get injuries.

You should also avoid too tight dance shoes. They can blister your feet, or even cause more serious injuries.

Why you should have dance shoes with arch supports?

Dance shoes with arch supports can protect your feet and bring you more comfort when dancing.

The arch supports will distribute the pressure that your body weight puts on your feet. It also provides support to keep balance when you turn, spin, or suddenly stop.

Besides, they also are the cushion for your feet that help lessen or prevent pain.

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How to deal with too tight dance shoes?


If you buy too tight dance shoes, you can stretch them to make them more comfortable. There is some useful method you can try.

Method 1: Using thick socks and a blowdryer

Wear thick socks, then wear tight shoes outside. Use a blowdryer to heat all the tight parts of your dance shoes. Remember to avoid the heel because heat can damage it.

After blowing the shoes, walk around with your shoes to make them stretch. Try this method several times until you feel comfortable when wearing the shoes.

Method 2. Using ice bag

This method can work with the dance shoes which are tight at the toe box. Fill a plastic bag with water and put it in the toe box of each shoe.

Place the shoes and water bag in the freezer. When water turns to ice, its volume will increase and help stretch the shoes.

How to prevent pain in the balls with dance shoes?

Wearing dance shoes, especially shoes with high heels may cause pain in the balls of feet. If you are suffering this, try the following tips:

  • Using medical tape to tape the third and fourth toes together. This place is the most prone to pain, so taping can reduce pressure on it.
  • Make your ball cushion by cutting two pieces of foam. Then put them into the shoes at the positions of the balls of feet. When these cushions are too flat, replace them with new ones.

How to eliminate bad smells in dance shoes?

The bad smell also makes you uncomfortable when wearing dance shoes. After dancing for hours, your feet will sweat and make your dance shoes smell bad. To deal with this problem, the tips below may be helpful.

  • Dry tea is effective in absorbing odor and moisture. So, after wearing dance shoes, you can put a dry tea bag in their toe boxes. Your shoes will be dry and odor-free.
  • You should prepare several dance shoes to change every day. This will let the shoes dry after your hard practice.
  • If the smell is too bad, the best way is to clean it. If you don’t have time to do that, you can try this quick tip. Put your stinky dance shoes in a plastic bag. Then place that bag with the dance shoes inside in the freezer. The low temperature in the freezer can prevent germs from causing odor.

What to do if you got blisters?

When you dance with too tight or stiff dance shoes, your feet will get blisters. You should cover the blister with a bandaid.

After practicing, you can bathe your blistered feet in tea. The tannin in tea is a good anti-inflammatory substance.

Put a little gel deodorant on your feet before dancing can help you prevent blisters.

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Final Words

Dancing requires you to make many moves on your feet. So, wearing comfortable shoes is essential.

Above are the common problems that make your dance shoes uncomfortable. We also provide effective solutions for these problems. Hopefully, these tips can make you feel more comfortable when wearing dance shoes.