How Do I Choose A Walking Shoe? Complete Guide With Useful Tips

A pair of walking shoes can help you move more efficiently and with more flexibility. You wonder how to choose your best walking shoe. What is the method to choose a walking shoe?

Choosing the right walking shoe is not an easy task. It depends upon many different factors. You can rely on the following guidelines:

  • Choose the right type of walking shoes
  • Choose the right size walking shoes
  • Selection of additional features included
  • Determine the price
  • Final decision
A walking shoe needs to give you comfort and satisfaction

Indeed you have to consider a lot before buying something. You are still confused about choosing walking shoes and have not found the shoes you want. Follow the information in this article, we will share with you valuable experiences!

The type of walking shoes

In the world of walking shoes, you can find many different versions of them. Designers are constantly researching and creating new types of walking shoes.

Each type has its unique ability. Walking shoes are mainly composed of 3 main types.

Running shoes – how to choose your best walking shoe

This is the most common type of walking shoe. You can make good use of them on flat roads.

They are usually lightweight shoes, suitable for brisk walking or running. If you know the method to choose the right shoes, you can wear them every day.

Hiking shoes

Hiking shoes are with better durability and stability than running shoes. You can use them on gravel roads.

You can find many different versions of walking shoes

As the name suggests, it’s excellent for hiking. The internals works well, so you can walk for a long time.

Trail running shoes

This shoe is the perfect combination of a running shoe and a hiking shoe. They can still work well on unpaved surfaces.

If you need a long-distance running shoe on uneven roads, this is also a suitable choice.

The size of walking shoes – Tip Choose A Walking Shoe

A shoe that fits your foot is extremely important. It determines the comfort when you use those shoes.

Width and length

Your foot size will determine the right walking shoe size.

Everyone has a different foot size. To avoid uncomfortable problems when using walking shoes, you should know your exact foot size.

Be sure to measure the width as well as length of your feet to determine the right shoe size.

Shoes that are so tight can cause painful, blistering feet. Blood will also have a hard time getting to your legs.

Walking shoes that are too wide can easily slip off, which interferes with flexible movement.

Your foot size will determine the right walking shoe size

Dome style

You can observe that our legs are not straight but have curves. Everyone has a different foot curvature. This arch style can help you quickly adapt to different surfaces while walking.

To make the foot feel most comfortable when moving, pay attention to choose the arch style. There are three main types of arches:

  • Neutral curved feet
  • Low or flat-arched feet
  • High arched feet


Additional features 

You can’t just choose shoe type and size. Some kinds of walking shoes will have advanced enhancements attached to make you more comfortable.

High quality walking shoe sole

The sole is a significant part of a walking shoe. It determines whether the shoes are stable, can walk on rough roads or not.

The sole material also determines the softness of the shoe when moving. Some modern shoe soles today are made of boost particles or air soles. They are very smooth for all-terrain moving.

The sole is a significant part of a shoe

Some of today’s modern shoe soles are made of boost beads or air soles.

Some types of soles have a fancy design on the underside of the sole. People often think it’s a design to look good, but they have the effect of dispersing force. It helps feet not too tired and stable when moving a lot.

Walking shoes that are too stiff will also hurt your feet. You should choose a shoe sole with moderate hardness.

Walking shoe with perfect padding

The inner lining of walking shoes will help you move more smoothly. Depending upon the needs of each person, choose a different mattress layer.

There are the following primary levels of insoles:

  • Bare feet
  • Minimum
  • Medium
  • Max

Trail or long-distance running shoes often have thicker padding than hiking shoes.

Walking makes the impact on the legs not too strong. So there is no need for too much padding. A moderate night class will make the user feel more comfortable.

Determine the price of shoe:

Choosing a good walking shoe also depends on your financial capabilities. It would help if you considered for yourself at what price walking shoes you can buy. It saves you time comparing.

Often manufacturers will produce many types of walking shoes at different prices. You don’t need to worry too much about not having the right shoes for you.

In addition, buy a good pair of shoes and use them comfortably for a long time.

Final decision

Make the right decision after you considered the above factors and made your choice. You may not need to be in a hurry. You can go to the store to try on walking shoes and get advice from the staff.

However, we still expect you to stand your ground when listening to the salesperson’s advice.

Closing Points

Choosing a suitable pair of shoes is relatively easy. You need to pay attention to some of the notes we shared above. You are sure to find the right walking shoe for you!