How Long To Wear Boot For Broken Toe?


How long to wear boot for broken toe? Our experts will give you the most complete answer. Read on now to learn more about this!

Overall assessment, we think that 3 weeks is the ideal time to help you recover quickly. Of course, every judgment that we make has a certain basis. 

In the following article, we test the effectiveness of walking boots and how long to wear boots for broken toes. Hopefully, the useful information below will help you accumulate more knowledge that can help you and your loved ones avoid foot injuries.

Suspect a Broken Toe?


A broken Toe can happen when you’re barefoot and tripping over an obstacle. Or it can also be due to being in a hurry, not paying attention, leading to tripping up the stairs, causing the toes to bend.

After the stumbling blocks of a lifetime, you will immediately feel a sharp pain. This feeling is hard to describe.

Facts prove, up to 85% of people who stumble have foot problems. It could be just a scratch, a more serious sprain could be a broken finger.

Depending on the level, we have different treatments. You can take more pain relievers if you feel you can’t stand it.

If the pain persists and does not show signs of decreasing in intensity, you should see a doctor. Because we assume you are facing a broken leg.

An important note that we want to mention, you do not handle the wound yourself. Because this will most likely make your toes worse.

Benefits of walking boots


Walking Boots is a suitable product for people who are experiencing foot conditions. Because they can support your foot recovery in the best way and provide a comfortable feeling when walking.

Using walking boots, you will keep the foot in the original position so that the ligaments do not need to move much. Then help your toes relax.

Besides, with their specialized structure, walking boots also help legs shape their steps and recover.

The treatment with walking boots is the optimal solution with high efficiency for broken toes. Of course, restoring the leg is not an overnight story, but it is a process.

You need the perseverance to bring about miracles. You can refer to some more exercises through social networking sites.

Or you can ask for advice from the doctors who have treated you. And we are sure that if you combine these 2 things.

How long does it take to wear boots?

There are many users who, after using walking boots, give very good feedback to the product. They rate the product’s effectiveness to perfection. Based on that feedback, we think 3 weeks might have helped you to some extent recover your toes.

However, that is also just a reference based on the majority. There will be cases that are more complicated and require more time to recover.

Therefore, you should not force yourself to heal within 3 weeks. Time is a flexible factor for different people.

The most important thing here that we want to emphasize is your persistence. If you use walking boots without perseverance and training, it will not bring good results.

Of course, this will seriously affect your feet. Even gangrene is possible if you do not take good care of your toes.

Choosing the right walking boot for people with broken legs


To choose the right walking boots, we need to accurately assess the foot condition and use needs in each case.

There are two main types of boots for broken toes, high walking boots, and short walking boots.

In general, two kinds of shoes provide similar recovery effects. You can consider depending on your preferences to choose the right product for you.

Besides, you also need to pay attention to another important factor: whether to choose open or closed shoes. A closed walking shoe will help protect the toe from harmful agents from the outside environment.

So, you can avoid infection and maintain stability for the foot. With this model, it can be suitable for use on cold and wet days.

If you like to keep your feet cool, open walking shoes are a wise choice. By using these shoes, it will help the injured foot to be more open and not to cause discomfort. These shoes are perfect for hot days.

Additional criteria for choosing walking shoes are compressed air and sneaky air. The pneumatic walking boot will help reduce pain, swelling and improve healing time. At the same time, it also helps direct your movements effectively.

You also see the criteria for choosing walking shoes are not much. You need to choose carefully to be able to give your feet a quick recovery. And of course, you also need to combine the use of walking boots with some exercises to increase recovery.


Frequently Asked Questions

Information alone is not enough, and we seem to have understood your thoughts. You may still be confused and hesitant about walking boots, but I’m sure that you can better understand them after this question.

Does a boot help a broken toe?

If the fracture is a simple fracture in which parts of your bones are still aligned, your doctor will likely put you in a pair of walking boots for about three weeks. The walking warm-up keeps your toes immobile so the bones can knit together in a straight line.

How can I get my broken toe to heal faster?

Apply ice to relieve pain, inflammation, and swelling as soon as possible after a toe injury. This will help speed up the healing process.

Hold your affected foot as much as possible and avoid putting pressure on it. Elevating the affected foot is also helpful in reducing swelling.

Is a walking boot better than a cast?

Short-legged walking boots (WB) have been reported as an effective alternative to plaster casts (PC) that can shorten this postoperative recovery time. This study aimed to compare the rehabilitation of conventional PC with that of WB after ankle fracture surgery.


With the amount of useful knowledge above that we provide, we hope to help you choose the right shoes. Whether your foot condition improves or not depends largely on your discernment as well as your perseverance. Don’t lose your village for a minute that affects your whole life with disabled legs.