How To Clean Leather Boots With Household Items?


You may often take your boots to the store for cleaning. But, just look around. Tons of alternative solutions are available. How To Clean Leather Boots With Household Items?

Instead of spreading money to save the leather fabric of your boots, you can try using the items in your house. They may be baking soda, vinegar, or olive oil. You would be surprised to see that hair conditioner can also work.

How to Clean Leather Boots with Household Items?

Use Baking soda to clean:

A simple soap solution will be enough for washing mud and grime off footwear. However, if you’re worried about the oil stains, you might need more.

Baking soda is your ally in this situation. Of course, you’ll need clean water and cloth.


Apply the soda powder over the oil areas once you’ve collected everything. After that, soak the cloth and rub it in one of the dirty areas. Remember to keep your touch light! Otherwise, you risk ruining your priceless leather boots.

Allow your shoes to rest overnight with the baking soda on the oil spots. This will aid in the absorption of grease.

On the next day, dry your boots with a cloth. They’ll look just as they did when you first got them.

Olive oil

Olive oil is an essential component of any cuisine. Even if you may not enjoy it in your meal, it turns out that this substance is quite effective in cleaning leather.

Olive oil is a superior polish to the store-bought leather treatments.

Apply a little amount of extra olive oil on a towel and begin cleaning your boots straight immediately. This section will need some patience on your side.

Rub your shoe evenly until it absorbs all of the oil. You’ll be able to tell when you’re finished. Your boots are going to be stunning.

Dishwashing soap

Regularly washing boots with dish soap is ideal. This is because leather, unlike other shoe fabrics, is impervious to water. So you can wash your favorite boots with a basic dishwashing soap and water mixture.


Clean dirt and filth from the shoes with a dry towel before spreading the soap solution.

Dishwashing soap may be unable to remove the tenacious grime that has accumulated over time due to negligence. Before going on to the next phase, untangle your shoelaces.

Scrub the boots with a dish soap-soaked cloth. Then wipe the soap with a clean cloth soaked in water. Grab some paper towels and use them to dry the boots completely.


Scuff marks are another annoyance that comes with owning leather boots. And it seems like this stuff always emerges out of nowhere! Also when your boots are brand new, scuff marks may make them look old.

Fortunately, scuffs can be removed using a small number of cleaning solutions.

Either toothpaste or vaseline would suffice. Take one of the two and apply it to the scuff marks on your shoes.

Next, apply the paste to the affected area in a smooth and even manner. Paper towels have worked well for me in this situation. Use them to permanently remove scuff marks from your boots’ beautiful leather.


Salt marks on the leather are unbeatable. Getting out of your boots is one of the most difficult tasks. In this case, all you need is some vinegar.

Vinegar is the best for cleaning salt spots

To begin, dissolve a spoonful of vinegar in one cup of water. Put a paper towel in the mixture and use it to blot the salt streaks. The wetness can then be wiped away using a dry towel.

We have to warn you that you should never utilize vinegar without first diluting it with water. But if you follow the procedures here, you’ll be free of salt spots.

Hair conditioners

Hair conditioners may be a no-brainer when it comes to maintaining leather shoes. It’s because these devices, in addition to being excellent moisturizers, offer excellent waxing qualities. It’ll undoubtedly maintain your boots in peak condition.

Simply drop some on your shoe and buff it to a sheen with a clean towel.

You do not need to use high-quality conditioners. A low-cost alternative will suffice. Because their wax volume is typically higher. The cheaper ones are actually superior.

Saddle soap

Saddle soap removes all traces of dirt from your shoes, even ordinary stains or salt stains.

Apply a light polishing with a horsehair brush to your leather footwear.

To make a light foam with the saddle soap, you’d better work it in with a cloth. Using the towel, massage the lather all over your boots, emphasizing places that require particular attention.

Remember to dry your footwear after that.

Talcum powder

Getting rid of excess perspiration from your body is a source of relaxation. In fact, it acts as a natural absorbent when it comes to removing grease.

Put a liberal amount of talcum powder on your leather boots and puff it on. Wait about one hour for it to sit on the shoe.

Then, using a soft bristles toothbrush, scrub away the extra talcum powder, as well as any oil or stains.

The talcum powder cleans your shoes and eliminates any oil, leaving them clean and fresh. The good news is that the boot will not become wet throughout this procedure.

Talcum powder can clean boots’ stains 

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You can totally clean your leather boots with household items at ease. All of them are cost-saving and effective. You can try it right now! Remember to read the instructions carefully. Leather is sensitive. Clean it with care!

Hopefully, you will find this article helpful. Thank you for reading.