How To Fit Into Bigger Shoes? Useful Tips You Should Know


Sometimes, you may pick the wrong shoe size, so they are too loose for you. Wearing too big shoes will make it difficult to move, and may cause slipping.

So, it’s necessary to know how to make loose shoes fit tighter. Here are some useful tips to fit into bigger shoes.

  • Wear extra socks or thicker socks
  • Put some stuff into your shoes
  • Add shoe insoles 
  • Use foot cushions
  • Use heel inserts
  • Shrink your shoes with a blowdryer
  • Stitch elastic bands to your shoes
  • Bring your shoes to a cobbler

Now, let’s take a look at each tip.


1. Wear Extra Socks Or Thicker Socks

The simplest way to fit into bigger shoes is wearing extra socks or thicker socks. This method is easy to do and saves you a lot of money.

You just have to pick a pair of socks from your wardrobe and put them on.

This method is suitable for fixing loose boots or athletic shoes. Because these shoes require you to wear socks when putting them on.

However, some shoes like flats or slip-on don’t need socks. Thus, you can’t use this method to fit into these shoes.

Besides, on hot days, wearing extra socks or thick socks is not a suitable method. Your feet will sweat a lot and make your shoes stinky.

The simplest way to fit into bigger shoes is wearing extra socks or thicker socks 

2. Put Some Stuff Into Your Shoes

Putting some stuff into your shoes is a temporary solution for wearing big shoes. You can use this method if you are in a hurry and can’t find other shoes.

Grab some soft stuff like tissue paper, cotton pads, or old rags. Then, put them at the tip of your shoes. The stuff will fill the space and make the shoes fit tighter.

But this tip is only for closed-toe shoes because they can hide the stuff. Moreover, you should remove these extra materials when taking off your shoes. They will make you uncomfortable after a while.

3. Add Shoe Insoles

If your shoes are loose on the instep, add shoe insoles to lift your feet. Shoe insoles not only help you fit into bigger shoes but also provide you more support. In addition, you can put insoles in any shoe, so this tip is very useful.

You should invest in insoles made of Poron instead of gel or latex foam insoles. Gel or latex foam insoles are cheaper and softer, but they will quickly deteriorate. Poron insoles are more durable but still comfortable for your feet.

Add shoe insoles

4. Use Foot Cushions

Some people don’t like putting thick insoles into their shoes. If you are one of them, foot or ball cushions will be good alternatives.

Some cushions are designed for the ball of your foot. They have various shapes, sizes, and colors to fit different shoes.

These cushions are most suitable for flats or high-heel shoes since insoles can make these shoes uncomfortable.

5. Use Heel Inserts

If your shoes are not too big, you can use heel inserts to make them fitter. Heel inserts are smaller than cushions and have an adhesive side to stick to your shoes.

The materials used to make heel inserts are fabric, leather, or silicon. You can choose suitable heel inserts depending on your shoe type.

These inserts also protect your heel from getting blistered when you wear stiff shoes.

6. Shrink Your Shoes With A Blowdryer

This method requires you more time and effort, but it is effective and worth trying. You can make your shoes half size smaller using this trick.

First, you need to check your shoes’ material to be sure that you can wet them.

Next, wet your shoes with water.

If they are athletic or casual shoes, you can soak them in water. If you use leather or suede shoes, wet them with a spray bottle.

After that, turn on a blowdryer at the lowest level. Blow the shoes until they are dry. Remember to keep the blowdryer a bit far from the shoes to avoid any damage.

You may dry the shoes in the sun if it’s sunny. After the shoes dry, check whether they fit you well or not. If they are still loose, repeat the process until they fit you.

To avoid shrinking too much, you can wear wet shoes with wet socks until they dry. The shoes will not shrink smaller than your feet.

Shrink your shoes with a blowdryer 

7. Stitch Elastic Bands To Your Shoes

You can tighten your shoes by sewing elastic bands to them. But you need to have some sewing skills to do this method.

To begin with, find a strong elastic band. Stretch the band and secure it along the inside of the shoe with pins.

Then, stitch the band in place with needle and thread. You can sew the band inside the heel or in any loose area.

After finishing sewing, remove the pins. The elastic band will constrict and make the shoe tighter.

8. Bring Your Shoes To A Cobbler

If all the tips fail, you should ask a professional cobbler for a proper solution. The cobbler can make your shoes fit as you want. But you will have to pay a lot of money for him.

So, consider carefully before do this. It is worth trying if your shoes are expensive or have a special signification to you. If they are normal shoes or you rarely wear them, consider using other methods.

Bring your shoes to a cobbler 

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If your shoes are too big, don’t rush to throw them away. You can try the tips above to fit into bigger shoes. When you can’t make them tighter yourself, bring them to the shoe store.

If you know other effective methods to make big shoe fitter, please leave a comment. Thank you for reading!