How To Keep Sand Out Of Running Shoes – 6 TIPS For You


Running on the beach is a hobby that many people enjoy and is a very healthy activity. This not only makes your body more flexible, but also helps you have a comfortable mind. However, one thing that makes many people uncomfortable is the accumulation of sand in shoes when you run on the beach. How to keep sand out of running shoes. Let’s find out through the tips below.

The presence of sand in running shoes makes you always feel uncomfortable, besides, it can also harm your feet. Sand on the beach can cause friction and burn your feet if you run too much, many people have blistered feet because of the sand. But don’t worry, the following tips will greatly reduce the amount of sand getting into your running shoes.


How Ko Keep Sand Out Of Running Shoes?

Step 1: Remove the sole of the running shoe

The first step you need to do to remove sand from your shoes is to remove the sole of the shoe, remove the sole from the shoe, and shake it vigorously to remove the sand and dirt inside.

Removing the sole from the shoe is essential because the inner areas are difficult to see with the eye. If you don’t remove the soles first, the sand will get deeper if you try to clean the shoes with water before removing the soles.

After removing the sole, shake it vigorously or slam the two shoes together to get the sand out, this is the easiest way to get the sand out of your soles.

Step 2: Hit the shoe hard against the wall

First, you should slam two pairs of shoes together for a few seconds. Next, if your shoes are sturdy enough, hit them hard against the wall so the sand can fall out.

You should hit hard in the toe and heel area because these are the two areas where sand can penetrate the most.

By completing this step, maybe 80% of the sand has been removed from your shoes.

Step 3: Use high pressure spray nozzle

Use a high-pressure hose to clean the sand for your shoes, the high pressure of the nozzle will help clean the sand in the most invisible places.

This method is quite simple but very effective, you just need to put the shoes under the tap and let the water flow through the gap, repeat this step many times until you feel the shoes are clean.

Step 4: Wash shoes periodically

Regular, regular shoe cleaning not only helps keep your shoes clean but also keeps your feet healthy. You should wash your shoes at least once every 2 months, if you are sure for the durability of the shoes, you can use the washing machine, if not, wash your shoes by hand to ensure the best protection for your shoes.

Step 5: Use a vacuum cleaner

If you use a hand-suction cooler, it is easy to dry shoes, besides, the vacuum also helps to suck up the remaining dirt and sand. You can also use a vacuum cleaner to suck out sand for dry shoes.

Using a vacuum cleaner regularly can save you a lot of time washing shoes.

Step 6: Dry your shoes in the sun regularly

Don’t worry too much if you don’t have a vacuum cleaner or vacuum cleaner. Regular shoe drying can also help keep your shoes cleaner and less likely to stain than wet shoes.

You should always keep your shoes dry, especially when going to the beach because as long as your shoes are slightly wet, they will catch a lot more sand than dry shoes and make cleaning your shoes becomes useless.


How do I prevent sand in my shoes?

The above ways will help remove sand from your shoes, so what is the most effective way to prevent sand from entering shoes?

Use walking shoes with closed mesh:

Use shoes with a breathable mesh upper that’s great for running on the beach, and mesh fabric also absorbs less sand. However, make sure your shoes have closed mesh because shoes that are too open and can open inside will cause sand to cling a lot and be difficult to clean.

Recommended to run on wet sand:

A simple and effective way to help you run on the beach while avoiding sand in your shoes is to run on wet sand.

Running on wet sand will give you a very good experience because the wet sand will be more solid.

Avoid windy days:

If you don’t like sand at all and get annoyed if they stick to your shoes then you shouldn’t be walking on the beach on windy days. Wind will cause sand to cling a lot to your shoes, take a break and jog on the beach on less windy days.

Let’s jog on the flat beach:

Another suggestion is that you should jog under a flat beach to minimize sand sticking to your shoes. Uneven terrain with lots of rocks will make it easier for sand to stick to your shoes.

Above are a few suggestions to help you clean sand from your shoes and how to avoid sand from entering your shoes when running at sea. These measures only have a certain effect, but cannot remove sand completely, you should care and clean your shoes regularly to ensure that your shoes are always clean and protect your foot health. Thanks for reading my blog