Some Explanation On How To Know If I Have Wide Feet


Determining your foot size plays an important role in choosing shoes for yourself. Some people often have difficulty selecting shoes because the measurements are too large. How To Know If I Have Wide Feet?

That’s why they need a much larger shoe size than usual. So how to know if I have wide feet? The method to identify you have wide feet:

  • Measure shoe size
  • Manual measurement
  • Measure your feet at professional stores

Please read through the information mentioned in the article below, and they will help you bring the right answer.

What Is A Wide Foot?


You can easily tell what a wide foot is through your shoes. Basically, people with normal feet will fit in standard shoes. However, if you can’t fit in standard shoes for your feet, you probably have wide feet.

How To Know If I Have Wide Feet?

If it’s been a while since you’ve re-measured your feet, spend some time doing it. You can refer to the foot measurement shown in the following video. To learn more, let’s take a closer look at each of the following ways:

Measure your feet at professional stores


Measuring your feet in a professional shop is the simplest way to do it and gives your measurements a high degree of accuracy.

When taking foot measurements here, the store will help you know your measurements in the most specific way. At the same time, if you need to find a shoe that fits your foot size and solution for your feet, the store can still help you.

Usually, professional foot measurement is the choice of those who need accurate measurements. This way helps you save a lot of time and still have the most precise measurement of your feet.

Manual measurement

If you don’t have the convenience of going to a professional foot shop, you can absolutely do it at home. Although sometimes the results obtained will differ from the actual measurement, it is not very significant.

To do this, before you get started, you’ll need some basic supplies: paper, a pen, and a ruler.

  • To begin with, you should wash your feet first.
  • First, place the prepared paper on a flat surface, then stand on the paper. While standing, make sure your feet are straight and completely inside the paper.
  • Then, mark on the paper the back of the heel and the tip of the longest toe on your foot to measure the length. At the same time, keep at 2 points the widest distance of the foot width to measure the width.
  • When marking, if you feel that your feet are not the same size on the paper, use a sheet of paper the size of the larger foot.
  • Next, measure the distance between the two marks on the paper in width and length in inches or centimeters.
  • Finally, compare the measured foot size with the common foot size to determine wide feet.

A few notes when using this measurement are:

  • You should measure at night: According to some reviews, the feet during the day will often tend to stretch to increase the size compared to the normal foot size.
  • Measure on a flat surface only: do not place the piece of paper and the measuring pin in areas with protrusions or terrain differences.
  • Wear socks in some cases: If you usually use socks when wearing shoes and measure your feet to find the right shoe size, wear socks. Measuring sock size will help you feel more comfortable when wearing shoes.

Measure shoe size


Another simple way that people often do is to measure the shoe size.

In this way, you can measure width and length directly based on shoe size without using paper. The way to measure the size will be similar to the manual measurement of the foot size. You still need two elements, namely length, and width, while measuring.

Also, when you compare your shoe size with the standard shoe size, you can see if you have wide feet or not.

Some Causes Of Wide Feet – How To Know If I Have Wide Feet

There are many reasons why your feet are wide. Those causes can be the reason your feet are wide forever or only for a certain time. Here are some common causes in most people experiencing this condition that you can refer to


This is usually the most common cause. At birth, they have genetically wide feet. At the same time, many people are born with arched feet that increase the size of their feet.


This is the reason legs will often increase in size in older people. It can be said that, with increasing age, the ligaments and tendons in the body become looser, including the feet. Therefore, your feet may be longer than when they were young.


Not everyone has perfect feet. Some people may have a deformity in the foot that makes it larger than it is. Common deformities are skin tags, calluses, or extra dishes.


In some states, the body can encounter various diseases that increase the size of the feet. Typical symptoms include edema and swelling.

Therefore, in the stage of disease, the feet will often be larger than normal. This time you need a suitable solution to cure that condition and some temporary fit solutions for the feet.


Frequently Asked Questions

When learning about the wide feet, many people often ask a few related questions such as.

Does big feet mean you’re tall?

One of the reasons that large feet may be related to height. It can be said that people who are usually tall and large will have larger feet than the average person. However, the big feet, in this case, are only within a certain limit.

Can you fix wide feet?

Some traditional ways to help narrow the foot, but not very effective. If you really want to fix wide feet, you can consider plastic surgery.


The above article has provided useful information about the wide feet as well as some related issues surrounding this. Hopefully, after reading the article, you can understand feet better and determine the correct size of your feet.