How To Remove Shoe Polish From Shoes Effectively


Each of us must have at one time been looking for a way to refresh our shoes. One of those ways is to constantly use shoe polish to bring your shoes back to their original condition as when they were new.

However, even if you do it correctly, with the frequency of polishing your shoes too much, your shoes are likely to be dirty or sticky with old polish. In this case, how to remove shoe polish from shoes?

Below is the method to remove shoe polish from shoes:

  • Remove leather shoelaces from shoes
  • Remove the old layer of cement by moistening the shoe
  • Make soap bubbles and polish your shoes in a circular motion
  • Wipe off the foam
  • Dry shoes

We’ve put together detailed ways to do this. Let’s read together!


Step by step Instructions To Remove Shoe Polish From Shoes 

In this section, we will go into detail about how these steps are. Just as we will show you the best way to complete each step efficiently.

Remove Leather Shoelaces From Shoes

Many of you will ask why we need to remove the shoelaces from the shoes before removing the old polish?

The reason we should do this is that when soap affects shoelaces, it will cause them to change color over time. In addition, if the soap soaks into the shoelaces for a long time, then very quickly, it will cause the laces to smell or corrode leading to flammability.

Get Rid Of Old Tires Again By Moistening Your Shoes

To do this step you need to use a towel or soft cloth. Dip a soft cloth in warm water and then wipe it evenly on the surface of the shoe. Keep doing this until the entire surface of the shoe is completely wet.

Note that you do not let your shoes get too wet because it is very likely that your leather will fade. But you still have to make sure the dirt on the outside of the shoe and the old si has been removed. You’re better off constantly using the clean part of the towel to do this.


Lather The Soap Into The Shoe Polish In A Circular Motion

The next step is to create a lather by placing your cloth in the soap and continuously foaming. Next, you use the solution with the prepared soap cow to rotate it into small circles on the long surface.

Moving the soap sponge in a circular motion will remove the old polish and dirt from the best shoes. However, you can also use a small soapy brush to replace the cloth.

Foam Cleaning

Why, when using a cloth with soap bubbles to remove the old seal, the next step you will have to clean the surface of the shoe.

You can use a piece of paper towel or a dry cloth to wipe away the foam. Note that you must be gentle so that your shoes do not peel or scratch during the cleaning process.

Besides, you should remember to not leave soap on your shoes because it will likely dry out your leather. Of course, make the most of the clean parts of your towel to clean up the foam.

Dry Shoes

After the soap has been removed, you will dry the shoes by natural methods of sun drying or using a dryer. However, you must ensure that your shoes are not exposed to excessive heat to avoid affecting the leather of the shoes.

So the old seal on your shoes has been completely removed.

How To Hit A New Layer Of Polish

Now that everything has been cleaned and your old polish has been removed, it’s time for your shoes to get a fresh coat of polish.

To refresh shoes with a new polish, you simply need to prepare the following things:

  • A newspaper for insoles: This newspaper has the effect of cleaning the soles of shoes as well as limiting the excess particles that will fall out into the ground during the process of polishing new shoes.
  • Prepare your favorite shoe polish: Many people do not know what kind of polish they love. A good tip for you is to look for a polish with a neutral or no color to help your shoes shine and scratches fade.
  • Special brush or polishing pad:. The polishing process requires the help of a brush or a special polishing pad. It must be remembered that you must play in a circular motion, playtime for at least 15 minutes, and not be too thick.
  • Shine the heels of your shoes: The way you polish your heels is the same way you apply a fresh coat of polish on top of your shoes. Note that you always have to move in a circular motion and hit the ball continuously on the heel. The more you polish, the more shiny your heels will be.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does shoe polish help you cover scratches?

The answer is yes. But first, you have to cover your scratch by using an eraser to polish it. Then you will apply some shoe polish on the scratched part. Continue to let it dry for a few minutes and use a soft warm towel to wipe it off.

Does shoe polish change the color of your shoes?

Here shoe polish can change the color of your shoes. So you need to use a layer of your favorite polish if you don’t want the color of your shoes to change.

However, shoe polish mainly polishes the leather of your shoes, if there is a change it will not change too much. So, you can freely use shoe polish without being too worried about it changing color.

Can shoe polish be removed in other ways?

We can remove shoe polish in many ways, such as liquid, alcohol and heat.

Each way will have different advantages and disadvantages, but in general, we must go through the same steps as the article above.

Final Word

We can completely find the answer “how to remove shoe polish from shoes” through reading this article. We hope that you can successfully remove the old polish from the first meeting.

Once your new shoes return, you will not only be able to wear them with confidence, but also show off your personality.

Thank you for your interest in the article.