Ultimate Guide On How to Stretch Fabric Shoes?

You need to Choose the right shoes 

To stretch fabric shoes, you have various options. You can do it yourself with useful assistance such as water, newspaper, towel, heat, or steam.

If these methods annoy you, simpler solutions are available. You can try stretching your shoes without any tools by wearing shoes all day. Utilizing thick socks is also advisable. And, the easiest way ever is to take them to the store to solve your problems.

How to stretch fabric shoes with tools?

Solution 1: Use water

With a little water, your fabric shoes will expand to fit your feet better. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Fill a bag halfway with water and stuff them inside your shoe.
  • Refrigerate the shoe for at least an hour or more. The water inside your shoe will freeze, then stretch. It makes your shoes stretch too.
  • Remove the shoes from the fridge and put them on to see how they fit now. If you’re not pleased, continue the process until your shoes are the right size.

Solution 2: Use newspaper

Stuff your shoes with a newspaper. This is to broaden the sides and toes. You may make extra room for your feet by firmly cramming some papers in your shoes.

Determine which parts of your shoes require the greatest stretching. Make a large ball out of newspapers and stuff it inside the shoes.

To expand the shoe fabric, let the paper stay in for one to two days. The fabric would have stretched by the time you removed the paper.


If you’re still unhappy with the length after that, you may continue the cycle with even more newspapers for a greater length of time.

Solution 3: Use towel

To expand your shoes, tear up a towel into small pieces and put them in your shoes. Please pay special attention to the sides of the shoes that are causing you the greatest trouble when filling them.

Applying this method, you should be able to get extra wiggle space in your shoes overnight. If your shoes are still too small after removing the towel, don’t be afraid to put them on again until you are pleased.

Solution 4: Use heat

Microwaving your fabric shoes is a simple method to lengthen them. Ensure the shoes are clean enough to put in the device.

The heat will relax the fibers, making them stretchable. However, make sure there are no metal objects in the shoes before putting them in.

Place your shoes in the microwave and set the timer for 30 seconds. Remove the shows as soon as the device beeps.

Put them back in the heater for 30 seconds again when they begin to cool. They must be at the right size after two heating times.

Microwave can enlarge your fabric shoes 

Solution 5: Use steam

To stretch your fabric shoes, start by steaming them. The steam softens the cloth and causes it to stretch, allowing more room for your feet.

You can create the stem by boiling some water. Then, lay your footwear over the stem for about five minutes. Protect your hands with a thick cloth to avoid them from becoming scalded. Put on the shoes and go for a stroll while they’re still warm.

If the shoes are still too tight after the initial steam, give them another until they are.

Solution 6: Use the stretching equipment

Shoe stretching equipment is the most professional technique to loosen your shoes.

The instructions for using the shoe stretcher is as follows:

  • Spray the stretcher with the included liquid in the product package.
  • Insert it in the shoe.
  • To adjust the stretcher’s size, rotate the knob to the appropriate setting.
  • Set aside for the night. Replace the other shoe and repeat the cycle.

Shoe stretchers can help adjust the shoe size 

Solution 7: Use rubbing alcohol

There are two possible ways to carry it out:

  • Apply the liquid with a cotton cloth, push it onto the tight part of the shoe. After that, put on your shoes and go for a stroll.

Because rubbing alcohol dissolves quickly, it’s critical to act promptly. When it’s still wet, it’ll only work as a sturdy shoe stretcher.

  • Wet the thick socks with the scrubbing alcohol. Then, put on the socks and the shoes. Walk until the socks become dry. You can use your feet to stretch the tight parts while walking.

This approach works well for enlarging the entire shoe or sections of it and footwear that requires a slight stretch. The finest shoes to apply to rub alcohol on are those that come from natural materials and textiles.

Avoid using the rubbing alcohol on expensive footwear since it dries them out.

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How to stretch fabric shoes without any tools?

Solution 1: Wear shoes all night

The easiest method to loosen shoes is to walk in them lightly at first. Wearing the shoes to enlarge them may seem simple. Doing it in the evening is preferable.

Our feet inflate during the day as a result of standing and walking. So, the feet are at their biggest size at night. If you want to stretch your fabric shoes, this is the most cost-effective method.

Remember that this method only works well with shoes that are a little smaller than your feet.

Wearing shoes all night can loosen them 

Solution 2: Wear thick socks

This is another cost-saving method. The thick socks can help increase the size of your shoes.

And, this method is also ideal if your shoes are a little tight.

Solution 3: Visit the shoe store

Let the cobbler help you if everything else fails and you’re ready to spend some money. He may apply moderate heat and pressure.

Breaking in services are available at several shoe repair businesses. All you need to do is wait for one or two days. The stretching task is on the cobbler.


Now the methods for how to stretch fabric shoes are clear.

Wearing the wrong size shoes can cause discomfort and foot pains. If stretching can fix the problems, spend time to discover and find out the best solution.

If you need more useful information, please let us know.

Hopefully, you find this article helpful. Thank you for reading.