How To Tell If Shoes Are Too Narrow? Some Helpful Tips

Choosing a shoe that fits your foot is not difficult, but it is not easy either. Wearing a pair of shoes that do not fit your feet can cause many harmful health effects, especially a too-small shoe. So, how to tell if shoes are too narrow?

The following methods will help you know if your shoes are too small:

  • Try putting your feet in shoes
  • Use shoe insoles to measure
  • Try moving your toes in the shoebox
  • Feeling from the tips of the toes
  • Identify red marks after removing shoes
  • Wear shoes for a few dozen minutes to feel
  • Look for the space between the shoe and the heel

To know the methods to identify a shoe too small, let’s read the next shares below!

Useful Methods To Know If Shoes Are Too Narrow

You can rely on the size to find the right shoe size. However, not all brands will provide the same measurements for their shoe size. Follow the steps below to know if your shoes are too tight.


Try Putting Your Feet In Shoes

The best way to tell if a shoe is too small for your foot is to try it on. It is a narrow shoe when you put your foot in the shoe, and it doesn’t feel easy.

Its size is too small for your feet. So you can’t easily slip your feet inside the shoebox.

Use Shoe Insoles To Measure

A more straightforward way to do this is to use the insole to measure whether the shoe fits your foot. It is straightforward to do. You need to remove the insoles and put them on the ground. Then place your foot on the insole.

If your foot is entirely inside the insole and there aren’t many excess insoles around, it’s a shoe that fits your foot. On the contrary, your foot seems to be larger than the insole. Even if the foot is left out, the shoes are too small.

Try Moving Toes In Shoebox 

Whether a shoe fits your foot or not depends a lot on the toes. When trying on shoes, try moving your toes.

If the toes can move freely without feeling cramped, it is a shoe that is not tight. If the toes cannot move, the shoes will not fit your foot.

When the tips of the toes cannot move freely, it can cause a lot of obstacles. It’s also the reason you can’t keep wearing those tight shoes anymore.

Feeling From Toes

The tips of the toes are pretty sensitive parts. When wearing a shoe that is too small, its reaction is most obvious. You may feel the tips of your toes feel numb and tired, and sore. There are even blisters on the tips of the toes.

A medium shoe will have the distance from toe tips to the top of the shoe equal to the wideness of your index finger. If you wear tight shoes, the tips of your toes will reach the toes.

The tip of the big toe can protrude forward and rub against the shoe. It makes the toes more friction and pressure. After a while, blisters and pain will appear.

Recognizing Red Marks After Taking Off Shoes

No matter what kind of shoe you put on, if it is a tight shoe, it will leave red indentations on your feet once removed.

You can see this red or indented mark on the foot after removing the too-narrow shoe. Red dents appear because the shoes are too tight. It has imprinted on your feet by tightening socks or seams on your feet.

Wear Shoes For A Few Minutes To Feel

You can feel a shoe is too small for your foot. There’s no more realistic and accurate way to put those shoes on and feel them.

If the shoes are too narrow for your feet, you will feel discomfort after about 10 to 15 minutes. Your feet feel numb, even painful, especially in the toes.

Shoes that are too tight prevent blood from circulating in the feet. If you wear tight shoes for a long time, it also damages the bone structure of your feet.

Finding the Space Between the Shoe and Heel

To check if the shoes are too small, you have another pretty good way. You can use your index finger to measure your shoes.

When putting on shoes, put your feet forward. Then insert your index finger between the shoe and the heel. If your index finger can squeeze in and move just right, your shoes are a perfect fit. Conversely, when your index finger feels cramped or difficult to move, you need another pair of shoes.

Some Tips To Make Your Shoes Less Narrow

To make the shoes less narrow, you can look for tips to stretch the shoes, such as inserting paper or fabric into the shoes, using a shoe tree. Shoe stretcher sprays or liquids are also very effective. If you can’t stretch your shoes at all, find a professional shoe repairer.

Stay tuned for tips on making your shoes less narrow.

Stretching Shoes With Fabric Or Paper

To stimulate the shoes to stretch faster, we will stuff them in soft paper or soft fabric shoes. Try to stretch the inside of the shoe so that the shoe can stretch to the best extent.

You can test after 10 to 20 hours to see the results. The amount of paper and paper for the two shoes must be equal.

Using the Shoe Tree if shoe is narrow

The shoe tree is a well-known thickener, and many people have used it. You can buy it at any store that sells and repairs shoes. You can adjust the shoe tree from 5 to 8 hours of use, depending on the stretch you want.

Shoe Stretching Sprays Or Liquids

Currently, liquid or spray shoes are also quite popular. You can buy them at many shoe stores. You need to spray them on tight areas and then wear shoes to make them stretch. You can use it with a shoe tree and adjust the stretch accordingly.

Find a Shoe Repair Specialist

If all else fails, a shoe repair specialist can help. They have professional shoe stretching machines and tools. Their stretching experience also makes you more comfortable.

However, shoe repair shops today are no longer popular. It may take you time and effort to find that place.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is a shoe tree an expensive shoe adjuster?

People sell shoe trees for less than $25. They are popular in the market and easy to find. Some of the more expensive ones will be of better quality, but the effect will still be the same.

2. Can shoes that are too narrow cause calluses to appear on the feet?

The answer is Yes. Calluses will appear if you often wear shoes that are too narrow. Due to the rubbing process of shoes and skin, the first will be blisters. After a while, calluses will appear.

3. I wear this brand’s XL size shoes tight. Will this happen to another brand?

I’m not sure about this. Although shoe brands have the same size chart, the actual size of each shoe size may be different. That leads to you wearing one brand’s XL that is tight but fits another’s XL. It is best to try on shoes to make the right decision.


A shoe that is too narrow will bring a lot of discomfort to the wearer. You should recognize shoes that are too small sooner and get rid of them. Our sharing in this article will help you do just that. Thanks for reading!