The Unexposed Secret Of How To Wash Superfeet Insoles

Vinegar is the best for cleaning salt spots

We often wash our shoes, but do you pay enough attention to the insoles? Without proper care, they would smell and affect your shoes.

Today, we will share with you some tips about some methods to wash superfeet insoles. Let’s see what we can do!

Some Methods To Wash Superfeet Insoles

Once we understand the methods, cleaning the Superfeet insoles is straightforward. The following are some successful solutions we propose for you:

  • Use soap
  • Apply vinegar
  • Employ baking soda
  • Use alcohol



All the ingredients are household items. You may find it easy to prepare. Let’s dig into the steps included in each method.

Method 1: Use Soap to wash superfeet insoles

Cleaning your insoles with only soap and water may often remove the dirt, as well as any odors they may be generating.

This is how you should clean your shoe insoles:

  1. If the insoles are extremely smelly, let them air out for a bit.
  2. Scrub away the dust, grime, and lint.
  3. Mix the dish detergent with hot water.
  4. Dip the brush in the mixture.
  5. Rub the insoles with the brush in a rotational movement. Pay special care to the soiled regions, as well as the areas surrounding the toes and heels. Bacteria can grow up there, resulting in stinky insoles.
  6. Turn to the bottom once you finish the top.
  7. Remove any soap leftover with a clean towel once you’ve finished cleaning.
  8. Allow for complete drying of the insoles. Place them on a dry towel, hang or lay them on the dish shelf to dry. It is best if you can get as much air as possible moving around them.

Method 2: Apply Vinegar 

Vinegar has been an antibacterial for more than twenty centuries. We can use it as both an antiseptic and an odor remover. The vinegar will also freshen your stinking insoles by eliminating the stench that your feet have left behind.


Here is what you need to do:

  1. In a dish or sink, combine equal parts vinegar and water.
  2. Place the Superfeet insoles in the liquid and set them aside for three hours.
  3. Taking the insoles out of the liquid.
  4. To remove the chemical, rinse the insoles under water flow.
  5. Wait for the insoles to dry.
  6. Place the insoles back in your shoes after nighttime or longer soak, making sure they are fully dry.

Method 3: Employ Baking Soda

We all know the effects of baking soda in deodorizing. According to one research, it can help reduce garbage smell up to 70%.

We are not implying that your insoles are particularly stinky, but baking soda can help.


Try out these steps:

  1. Fill the Ziploc bag with baking soda.
  2. Ensure the insoles’ upper surface is fully covered in baking soda before placing them in the bag. Baking soda can remove the odor of the surface that comes into touch with it.
  3. Soak the insoles in the powder overnight, and take them out the next day.
  4. Remove any leftover by shaking it off.
  5. Wait for them to air out.
  6. Put the insoles in your shoes, which should now smell fresh.

Method 4: Use Alcohol to wash superfeet insoles

Isopropyl has cleaning and antibacterial effects. That is the reason why people often call it scrubbing alcohol. It will aid in the killing of bacteria on your insoles as well as keeping them from smelling.

Follow these steps:

  1. Mix water with the alcohol.
  2. To make sure they are all mixed, give them a good shake.
  3. Spray both faces of your insoles with the mixture. Because the alcohol will dry fast, you can finish this step liberally.
  4. Allow your insoles to air out by hanging them or placing them in the fresh air.
  5. Wait for them to dry completely before using them.

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How To Prevent Superfeet Insoles From Smelling?

Some people complain that their insoles are not dirty. These insoles do not need washing. However, the smell annoys the wearers so much. There are some possible ways to prevent your Superfeet insoles from smelling:

  • Dry them after each wearing: Keep your shoes out of the shelf, where they will stay moist longer and offer a welcoming environment for stinky bacteria. Allow plenty of space between your wearings.
  • Use sweat-wicking socks: Socks composed of sweat-wicking material can remove the sweat from your feet. As a result, they can keep your feet dry.
  • Deodorize your feet: Deodorant will keep bacteria and fungus at bay. Don’t forget to do it with caution to observe if any negative reactions occur.
  • Keep your shoes in a cool, dry location: It can help to prevent germs and fungi from growing. Alternatively, you may use the extreme measure of freezing your shoes. However, this may cause the glues and adhesives to deteriorate, reducing the lifespan of your shoes.


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use the washing machine for my insoles?

Insoles are sensitive components of a shoe. It would be best if you didn’t put them in the washing machine. Using one of the ways we listed will help them last longer.

2. Can you put the insoles in the dryer?

The machine may break down your insoles. The dryer machine does the same effect. To keep them in good condition, you can let them air dry.

3. Is it necessary to replace my Superfeet insoles regularly?

You may need to change your insoles more or less regularly, depending on your weight and physical activities. The best choice is to replace them after 12 months of use.


You have just known some useful ways to wash superfeet insoles after reading the article. We hope that you will find the post useful. If you need any further information, please leave a comment below. We will reply as soon as possible.