What Is Special About Dance Shoes? Things to know

Ballroom dance shoes 

Do you like dancing? What is special about dance shoes? Do you know what makes dance shoes special? Let’s find out about dancing shoes via the article

Dance shoes are different from regular shoes. There are many different models of dance shoes for men and women. But they all have non-slip suede soles and a metal shank in the arch. They are also very flexible and have lightweight. This makes your dancing moves more gentle and lissome. 

Dancing floors come with many different types of surfaces. Thus, having dance shoes is very important for every dancer. Today, let’s learn more about dance shoes together.


Styles of dance shoes for men and women

Dance shoes for men usually have the style of black lace-up Oxfords. The heels will be flat for standard dances. Shoes for Latin dances have a 1-2 inch heel.

Women’s dance shoe styles vary depending upon dance categories. There are shoe styles for Latin dance, swing, chachacha, foxtrot, and waltz, etc.

Dance shoes for women have 3 basic designs of open-toe pumps, closed-toe pumps, and sandals. The shoe heels are slim or flared with a height of 1-3 inches.

Slim heels are suitable for dances with many turns and moves. Flared heels are popular for Latin dance because of their higher stability.

How to choose suitable dance shoes

Ballroom and Latin are two common types of dance shoes. When choosing each type, you have to pay attention to the style and fit.

The method to choose ballroom dancing shoes

  • Construction

For ballroom dance shoes, the non-slip soles are dispensable. You should find shoes with suede soles. They will give you both strong gripping and easy sliding. Don’t choose rubber soles or leather soles. Rubber soles can stick to the dance floor and cause injuries. Leather soles are too easy to slide. So you may slip when dancing.

The soles of dance shoes are thinner than those of regular shoes. There is also a steel shank for support. Materials used to make dance shoes are flexible and light, such as leather, satin, or patent.

  • Style

Men’s ballroom shoes are not too different from dress shoes with the closed-toe box, laces, and low heels.

Women’s ballroom shoes are a form of court shoes. They are fully enclosed shoes with a stiletto heel of 2-2.5 inches.

Some shoes have a strap or buckle, some others don’t. The soles are not very flexible.

  • Fit

When choosing ballroom dance shoes, a good fit is essential. Your shoes should be a snug fit, but don’t crush your toes. Comfortable shoes will do better their function.

If you buy ballroom dance shoes for the first time, remember to buy them in person. You can try the shoes to know if it is fit or not. You can also go with your experienced friends for references.

When you know your size and style, you can buy online.


The method to choose Latin dancing shoes

  • Women’s Latin dance shoes style and fit

Women’s Latin dance shoes usually have the form of pumps or sandals with a 2-3-inch heel. If you are new to dancing, you can choose shoes with lower heels. Pumps have a closed-toe box and a strap for securing. Sandals have an open-toe box with instep and ankle straps.

The main material used in making women’s Latin dance shoes is leather. So, they are flexible and have lightweight.

As ballroom dance shoes, you should buy in person your first pair of Latin dance shoes. You can try some styles and brands to find the best fit shoes. The shoes should be snug but not too tight.

Latin dance shoes have a strap for securing, so you can choose a little bit loose shoes. If you buy sandals, make sure that your toes are close to the front of the sandals when wearing them.

  • Men’s Latin dance shoes style and fit

For men, the style of Latin dance shoes is quite similar to ballroom dance shoes, but a higher heel. This is a block or “Cuban” style heel with a height of 1.5 inches.

The popular colors are white and black. There are also color combinations. Common materials used to make men’s Latin dance shoes are leather, nubuck, or patent leather.

For men, Latin dance shoes should not be too tight. Men rarely wear Latin dance shoes for social dancing. They often buy them for attending dance competitions.

Latin dance shoes


How to maintain and care for dancing shoes

If you care properly, dance shoes can last for years, even when you’re an enthusiastic dancer.

For all shoes for dancing, don’t store them in a plastic bag. The shoes need to breathe, and plastic bags can create moisture and damage the shoes. Put them in a dry and ventilated place.

Remember not to walk with your ballroom dance shoes on the street. Rough surfaces and dirt are enemies of dance shoes. If your dance shoes get any dirt, clean them as soon as possible.

For women’s shoes, the heel is often the first thing to wear out. So, you can consider using heel protectors.

Another thing to keep in mind is to use proper cleaning detergents for cleaning shoes. Besides, you should polish your shoes regularly. You can apply silicon-based oil to prevent cracking.

Keeping the suede soles in full dance condition is also very important. To do this, you can use a wire shoe brush. This brush can rough up your smoothly worn soles and remove embedded objects.

After reading this article, you may have to know what makes dance shoes special. If you want to buy dancing shoes, you can consult the guide we provided to choose the suitable ones.

You don’t have to pay a lot of money for a good pair of dance shoes. Just choose the style you like and ensure that the shoes are fit. We hope that you can pick the right shoes and enjoy your dancing.